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Collaborate with your clients in a secure virtual workspace 

Extend your reach with advanced client insights on Link's digital collaboration platform.

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Your Clients At Your Fingertips

Analytics Insights


Information You Can Depend On

Will your clients refer you to their closest friends and family members or call you to say that they're buying a house? Link can connect you with that information in real time.

  • As you and your clients collaborate and work in Link, you'll gain greater insight into those important life details. 

  • Link gives you analytical tools to see which clients are actively working on their finances and life planning.

  • Clients will open up their network to you, providing new prospects and opportunities.  

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Share Insurance Policies Digitally

The world is digital.  Link provides an easy and secure solution to deliver information and policies to your clients. 

  • Consumers use Link to store all their important life information.  Deliver your products directly into their secure file storage system.

  • Add notes and policy details to the files, which you and your clients can jointly access on Link

  • Link gives you notifications when your clients view a file or make changes, providing greater insights so you can contact your clients at the right times.
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Automatic Sharing Builds a Multi-generational Book of Business

Do your clients have a solution for sharing their insurance policies and critical information with their loved ones? Link provides you and your clients with automated document sharing.

  • Insurance policies, files, documents, account information, and more can all be shared at any time or automatically by preset life events or dates that you choose such as death or hospitalization.

  • When consumers connect with their friends and family, those connections become your new sales leads.

  • Connected members can collaborate on information, which empowers you, the advisor, to connect across multiple generations.

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It's the Next Generation of an Insurance Practice


Develop Multi-generational Connections

Over 66% of children fire their parents' advisors.  Link prevents this from occurring by helping you create a direct relationship across generations.


End Encrypted Email Frustrations

You're responsible for the security of your clients' information, but clients hate encrypted emails.  Link replaces the need for encrypted emails. 


Generate More Prospects

Requesting referrals annoys many clients and rarely produces significant results.  Link uncovers your clients' best referrals naturally and automatically without self-serving requests.


Drive Efficiency 

Develop processes that are predictable and reliable and offer peace of mind to you and your clients.  Use Link to establish a unique workflow that fits you and your collaborators.


Create Loyal Clients

Exceed your clients' expectations by offering digital services that make it easier for them to manage their lives, prepare for the future and do business with you.  Link helps you build loyalty that lasts.

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Link Has Generated Over 45,000 Prospects


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel my subscription?

The subscription term is 1 year.   You may cancel at any time, but your subscription will remain until the year contract expires.


Can I upgrade?

Yes, you may upgrade your subscription at any time.  Your subscription date will not change, and the upgraded plan charges begin on the upgrade date.


What counts as a contact?

Anyone you add is considered a contact.  However, anyone your client adds will not count towards your contact allocation.


Is Link a CRM?

A traditional CRM is an internal tool to keep track of relationships.  While, Link can track relationships, the primary purpose is to start where your CRM ends.  Link connects your clients to you.

Is Link Secure?

Yes.  All data are stored securely and encrypted at rest using AES 256 (Advanced Encryption Standard).  We perform regular threat assessments, both internal and external, to routinely test our application and infrastructure security posture.


Can I add a link to my website for clients to use?

Yes.  Advisors receive a unique tokenized URL, which can be embedded in email signatures or website.


Do you have an enterprise plan?

Yes -  in fact, several insurance companies and insurance agencies use Link enterprise-wide.   Contact us for more details.

Want more information?

We love to talk about our product. Don't hesitate to connect with us to talk about what we can do to make your business better.