link growth

Are you ready to learn about the new software program, Link,  that will SUPER-CHARGE your business?


LegacyShield designed a new software package specifically for WFG Agents which:

  • Enables you to offer a unique value-driven solution to your clients that no other agent can
  • Helps you get in front of more prospects and make more sales
  • Provides client insights and allow you to communicate more effectively
  • Facilitates seamless sharing of files, policies, and other information 


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Imagine Providing Every Client With An Estate Plan


Our Link Software Includes 

DYI Basic Estate Plan 

Offer every client the protection they need with a Free Do-It-Yourself Estate Plan and get paid on any upgrade to a trust.

The Basic Estate Plan Includes:

  • Will
  • Financial & Medical POA and
  • Advance Directive


Insurance & Finance 

Help your clients keep track of all their insurance and financial information.  Easily share policy details with clients and their family.

At a glance:

  • Life Insurance policies
  • Annuities
  • Financial Accounts


Account Aggregation

Enable your clients to keep up-to-date with current balances on their insurance and financial accounts.

Stay connected:

  • Thousands of major institutions
  • Real-time updating
  • Financial Snapshots


Wishes & End-Of-Life 

Reduce client stress and anxiety while putting yourself in the "go-to" advisor role.

Benefits include:

  • Absolute clarity
  • Reduce family confusion


Collaboration & Messaging

Advisors who communicate with clients more frequently sell more products.

At your fingertips:

  • Direct messaging
  • Collaborate on insurance policies